The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#030 3 Surprising Places to Find a NP Job

I’ve talked before about the online-only job search and about how I don’t think it gives you the full picture in terms of what’s available. Not all vacancies are posted online, especially in the NP world where private practices and smaller clinics don’t take to bigger job sites for recruiting. 

People who only look online only access a diluted market, and that perpetuates this myth of oversaturation. If a job isn’t posted online, it doesn’t exist. Right? Wrong! 

This episode is about the hidden job market — any existing vacancy that’s advertised in a smaller way or not at all. That could be positions held by folks who are retiring, practices looking for word-of-mouth recruits, practices that don’t even know yet that they need you. As a new graduate or a NP in a competitive area, this hidden market is where I suggest focusing your energy. 

So, where exactly can we look? There are many options, but I want to highlight three. 

  1. For my soon-to-be or recent graduates, look at your clinical sites. Stay tuned for episode 32 for more on this strategy! 
  2. Ask your friends and family for referrals. You probably know someone who could connect you with a potential colleague or mentor, maybe even a potential boss! 
  3. Hear me out on this one — get on social media. Post on LinkedIn, and reach out to your network! This is a more “putting yourself out there” strategy, but it works. 


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