The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#008 Can I be a Travel NP? Let’s Talk Locum Tenens

I don’t speak Latin. That’s probably not a huge shock, but I do know someone who is fluent in all things travel nursing. Last week, you met Sarah Gaines, The 6 Figure Travel Nurse, and she talked about why someone might choose to travel and what travel nursing can offer that traditional nursing might not. That barely scratches the surface, but I don’t want to give away all her secrets here! You’ll have to listen to episode 7 for that. 

In this episode, I wanted to present more information about travel assignments for nurse practitioners, also known as Locum Tenens. This episode is geared toward current or future NPs, midwives, CRNAs, PAs, and physicians. 

Tune in to learn about some of the benefits of locum tenens work:

  • Increased flexibility 
  • Travel opportunities 
  • Boosted income 
  • Varied clinical experience 

I also answer some of the most common FAQs: 

  • What is locum tenens work, and how is it similar and different to traditional work?
  • Are locum assignments good for new graduates? 
  • What are the first steps to becoming a locum provider?


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