The Nurse Becoming Podcast 

#005 Ask Amanda Anything: New Grad Nurses

It’s graduate season a.k.a. the few months after the end of the spring semester when new graduates are scanning job boards, applying to graduate school, and soaking in their last summer break.

I get a lot of questions around this time from recent graduates about what to do — what to include on a resume, what to leave off, and how to find a job. In this episode, I answer some frequently asked questions about how to navigate the job search process as a new graduate nurse.

The questions we cover in this episode are:

  • As a student nurse, what can I do now that I can add to my resume that will make me stand out when applying for jobs?
  • Should you include your high school diploma information? What about your GPA?
  • Should I include details under my clinical rotations?
  • How do I include non-healthcare work on my resume?


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